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The Fear Of Silence - Scott Schneegas

So much time I have suffered for love to
hear me..
On the dime, I've been
to reality.
My goal- NO, my MISSION..
had caused me to bleed.
She just had to listen,
how hard could that be??

How would you feel
if you NEVER got a chance?
It's pure torture, and TOO real-
when the Devil's your dance..
No roof and no meal,
threw me off my stance.
Life's a car with no wheel
when you lose a romance.... :(

I desparately needed someone, just ONE friend..
but had nothing and no one, the pain never ends..
4 years with no conflict, and only I had paid rent..
our anniversary, she just vanished.. Ill never see her again.

No fight, and no warning, I beat myself up knowing why.
She abandoned all we worked towards just to sleep with some guy..
I've shed all my tears possible, my eyes are too dry..
just for him wanting SEX, I lost my whole life. . .

If someone just listened, my faith would have raised..
there's no need to defend
or agree with my ways.
Everyone saw my
life's game
as the worst person played..






..if I left it today?..

-Scott Schneegas

09/18/2016 :(
Scott written by

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