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Stolen Leather

My older brother had a piece of leather
left alone would be spoiled by the weather
For the leather I had a vision
and used it without his permission

It was cowboys and crooks season
and there I found my reason
To cut the leather and make a double holster
for my guns needed a sturdy bolster

I must have been ten or eleven
when my brother nearly ‘sent me to heaven’
for he found the cuttings of his leather
which was not good for his blood pressure
but alas, he was as sly as a snake
and forced me to break

For on me he used reverse psychology
by praising the creator of the ‘holsterology’
my ego got the best of me for I was not a thinker
and like a fool, I swallowed it hook, line and sinker
I felt so much under the weather
that you could have hit me with a feather

Neville written by

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