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No Need To Ever Be Lonely!

Have you ever felt like you are all alone?
It went dark having nobody to message on my phone.
On my own, started thinking that I want to leave home.
Chilled my bones when I dwell upon thoughts in that zone.

Lonely, hoping that someone would help me out..
The amount of grief made me to weak to even shout.
Having doubts of a future makes you change up your route.
Beaten down and losing love nobody else cared about.

Don't let company be something that you need..
hard, indeed.. but you already have more than what you see.
Believe me, everything that you wanted in your dreams
is proceeding towards a better way of feeling poverty,

My whole life.. I just wanted to click 'DELETE',
lost my seat in Love's Concert, I was in misery..
Suddenly, I noticed a completely better reality:
I forgot about MYSELF, "Slow down and breathe.."
I got ME, a whole universe inside of memories!

Never speed past yourself.
You MUST let out some steam..
or you'll lose grip while driving down life's toughest street.
Remember WHO YOU ARE, you already had everything!
It's relieving how simplistic being comfortable could be.

Plant your "seed" on this planet how you want,
turn it green!
Make your lead, and you'll realize how many are following.
Don't feel empty, even though it may always seem,
Look at mirrors, your own eyes will set you free.

-Scott Schneegas 09/19/18
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