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Poem: Snoring

Oh, so many gimmicks in the shop
that promises to deliver chop-chop
The remedy for your partner who snore
that deafening sound impossible to ignore
'Stop Snoring instantly. Money Back Guarantee!'
'Buy Yours Online Today and You'll See!

Tried everything with no success at all
it's enough to drive anyone up the wall
They prey on the poor insomniac
take our money but leave more lack
And the promise of the guarantee?
Well, that's money thrown in the sea!

Guess it's back to kicking and shoving in bed
tossing, turning getting flustered in the head
for tomorrow will be the same as yesterday
Yawning, eyelids falling, gently drifting away
It's Red Bull, more coffee and Turbovite
temporary solution to assist in my plight

Author: NW Carolus
Neville written by

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