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The Changing Ground

Why does the world keep on hurting? Never loving..
I could help all those around, but just get cussing.
Hard to hold onto the ground instead of running..
We believe in shooting stars, yet we really don't know nothing.
It reminds me of this place, and there's that ONE thing..

Never fear the dark, our voice can make things Sunny
True knowledge truely meets with peace, we should stop rushing.

Observe your path you walk, no need to think you're stumbling.
Some don't FEEL our "feels", they're caught up by the 'drumming'.

I realized years ago, We DO have something,
as I heard the sound of peace,
it's sound.. so bluntly.
The best I can describe it to you simply without nudging..

You have teleported, relaxed, no thoughts. No NOTHING..
The dirt below sent chills as suddenly, it's muddy..
No rain had fell, the puddles moved in ways no one's seen.
Beneath your feet, the puddles splash with heavy rumbling..

What's underneath? You try to walk.. so hard.. keep stumbling.
The air keeps changing while you're running, smells so musty.

Grass seems fake, the plants are metal.
mind keeps wondering..

.. I look at the floor,
the liquid reflects back what's hovering..
How didn't I notice several U.F.O. above me?!

-Scotty Schneegas 03(19)20
Scotty written by

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