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Last words spoken

Here's my last 'LOVE' post
To that special . . SPECIAL 'ONE'..
When everyone dies..
...who REALLY won??
Destroy the world,
Remove the sun..
You think you are safe?
Go ahead and run!

You'd rather sleep around
with lowlifes for drugs??
I did all JUST for YOU,
Yet you STILL point the gun?!

You forgot every moment..
I remember a TON..
I thought you were my queen..
But instead, just got stung..

You don't see what you've ruined,
You just laugh and make FUN.
I didn't realize you'd stab my corpse that's beyond broke, bruised and beaten..

Treat ME bad? Call ME names?
My skin broke my knives one by one.....
I Never thought I would say this... :

-Scotty Schneegas (04/01/20)
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