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The S(econd)pouse

Might be late to be introduce by God,
But have been attached to you with
a emotional Chord,
Might be just friendship or may be
what I just thought,
I am very happy that in life at least you I got.

Side by side ,day by day how the time fly,
To be conscious when with you I try,
The friendship of us should be limit of a Sky,
Holding hands the bond get high and high.

Water in the sea in the form of waves always touches the shores,
Every time I get up in the morning to open the door,
I dont know why I remember you more and more.
Less of a devil more of a angel I am for sure,
You the medicine of misery as you the cure.

Morning you ain't ,as it is sunny and it burns,
Night you aren't ,as its dark and the dog barks,
Evening are you as the goodness of sun and moon,
Through best of the morning ,night and the noon .

Ignatius Nazareth
Ignatius written by

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