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Friends Forever

Feel joyful and delightful in your presence,
Eyes searching everywhere around in you absence,
Thinking of you every time even in dream and sense,
Thought of you ignoring makes me tense.

Looking your picture in alone will surely get me an eye lense,
Your aroma and touch can make a forest also dense.
Dream is to come to you clearing every fence.
I don’t know what the feeling in me started to commence.

You are so beautiful and gorgeous that a fool only will require commonsense
Know I can’t imagine spending time with make bored,
There is illusion of my dream or sound of water on shores,
Pure I imagine the friendship is starting from the core.

Life has always started to make a different way from before,
Have a little hope that the sunshine someday come my door,
Selfish is the feeling I get as wanted from life which is more,
All i want we forever we stay in touch and our friendship may never turn sore.

Above are the friendship line that I have written only for S......,
Which I don’t think so will be able to replicate in this lifetime ever so..........

Ignatius Nazareth
Ignatius written by

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