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A Man Is More Than Just Flesh and Bone

A man is like a tree, tall and strong,
With branches reaching up to the sky.
His roots run deep, he's been here so long,
And he stands firm when the winds pass by.

His trunk is solid, his bark so rough,
But he's gentle too, like a soft breeze.
He may seem tough, but he's filled with love,
And his heart beats with the greatest ease.

He's a provider, a protector, a guide,
A mentor to those who look up to him.
He walks with purpose, his stride with pride,
And his spirit soars on the wings of hymns.

He has his faults, his flaws, his fears,
But he faces them all with grace and might.
He sheds his tears, but he dries them with cheers,
And he keeps moving forward in the light.

A man is more than just flesh and bone,
He's a soul that shines with all its might.
He's a warrior, a king on his throne,
And he stands for what's good, what's just, what's right.

A man stands tall, with head held high,
With eyes that gleam and a confident sigh.
His strength and will are his greatest power,
His courage and spirit never do cower.

He walks with purpose, a steady stride,
His presence fills a room with pride.
His words are few but always true,
For honesty is what he will pursue.

He may face trials, and hardship too,
But his determination sees him through.
His heart is pure, his soul so kind,
A rare gem that's hard to find.

For he's not just a man, but so much more,
A protector, a friend, and a mentor.
He inspires others to be their best,
And his wisdom guides them on their quest.

So here's to the man, so brave and strong,
May his spirit live forever long.
For he is the one who leads the way,
And makes the world a better place each day.
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