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A Weight That Never Lifts

Pain, my constant companion
You cling to me like a shadow
A weight that never lifts
An unwelcome guest in my soul

You pierce me with your sharp claws
And gnaw at me with your teeth
You consume me with your fire
And drown me in your seas

You come in many forms
Physical, emotional, mental
But always you are present
A reminder of my mortality

Sometimes I try to ignore you
To push you aside and carry on
But you persist in your torment
A reminder of what has gone wrong

And yet, I know that you serve a purpose
A warning of danger, a call to action
For without you, I might grow complacent
And miss the signs of impending distraction

So I will endure your presence
And seek to learn from your lessons
For though you cause me great suffering
You also give me the gift of awareness.

Pain, my constant companion,
You are with me every day,
Like a shadow, you follow me,
As I go along my way.

You come in many forms,
Physical and emotional,
Aching, stabbing, burning,
Each one so intense and full.

You bring tears to my eyes,
And make my heart heavy with sorrow,
You remind me of my fragility,
And of the trials I must endure tomorrow.

But you also teach me resilience,
And the strength that comes with pain,
You remind me to be grateful,
For the moments of joy that remain.

So even though I wish to be rid of you,
I am grateful for the lessons you bring,
For without you, I would not know,
The true depth of life's offering.

Pain, oh Pain, my constant companion,
You visit me often, uninvited and unwelcome.
You grip my heart, you clutch my soul,
You make my body ache, you take control.

You come in many forms, in many guises,
Sometimes a dull ache, sometimes sharp surprises.
You make me weep, you make me scream,
You haunt my every moment, you shatter my dream.

You bring with you sorrow, you bring with you grief,
You make me doubt, you make me believe.
You make me question, you make me wonder,
You make me seek, you make me ponder.

You are my teacher, my mentor, my guide,
You show me the way, you make me decide.
You help me grow, you help me learn,
You make me stronger, you make me discern.

Pain, oh Pain, though you are my foe,
You also make me better, you make me know.
You help me see, you help me feel,
You help me heal, you help me deal.

So though you are unwelcome, though you bring me tears,
I will embrace you, for you help me face my fears.
I will not run, I will not hide,
For with you by my side, I will abide.
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