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A Woman, a Wonder, Beyond Compare

A woman, the epitome of grace
A picture of beauty, a sight to behold
She is like a flower, with petals in place
A wonder to marvel, a story untold.

Her eyes, like stars, sparkle with life
They speak of her soul, pure and bright
Her smile, like sunshine, chases away strife
A true source of joy, a delight to sight.

She carries herself with poise and charm
Her gait, a dance, a graceful motion
She emanates warmth, like a fire in a calm
Her presence, a comfort, a soothing potion.

A woman, a force, a power to reckon
She is fierce, yet gentle, a paradox so true
Her love, like an ocean, deep and unbroken
Her spirit, like a phoenix, rises anew.

She is a nurturer, a protector, a guide
A beacon of hope, in times of despair
She is a warrior, with nothing to hide
A woman, a wonder, beyond compare.

A woman is a wonder to behold,
Her grace and beauty, a story untold.
She moves with a rhythm all her own,
A dance of life, with seeds she's sown.

Her eyes are like windows to her soul,
A place of depth and wisdom untold.
Her smile, a beacon of hope and light,
Guiding us through the darkest night.

Her voice, a melody that soothes the heart,
A lullaby that can make us depart
To a world of peace and tranquility,
Where love and joy reign with humility.

Her strength is like a mighty river,
Unyielding, yet gentle and tender.
Her spirit, an unbreakable flame,
That can weather any storm, without shame.

A woman is a force to be reckoned with,
A power that can move mountains and shift
The tides of fate, and create a new dawn,
Where love and harmony will forever spawn.

So let us cherish the women in our lives,
Our mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives,
For they are the embodiment of love,
A gift from above, sent from heaven above.

So here's to the women, the queens of the world
Who make life beautiful, with their grace unfurled
May they always shine, like stars in the sky
And light up our lives, with their beauty and high.
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