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A World of Wonder, That Makes Us Whole

Nature, oh nature, how grand and divine,
A world full of beauty, serene and sublime.
A canvas of colors, painted with care,
A masterpiece of life, beyond compare.

The trees that sway, in the gentle breeze,
A symphony of leaves, rustling with ease.
A canopy of green, that shades the land,
A sanctuary of peace, where creatures stand.

The mountains that rise, towards the sky,
A sight so grand, it takes one's breath away.
A testament of strength, that never fades,
A symbol of hope, in a world so afraid.

The rivers that flow, with a gentle sound,
A lifeline of nature, that surrounds.
A source of sustenance, for all that lives,
A reminder of the abundance, that nature gives.

The birds that sing, in sweet melody,
A chorus of joy, that fills the scenery.
A symphony of life, that echoes through,
A reminder of the wonder, that surrounds you.

Nature, oh nature, how you inspire,
A world full of beauty, that never tires.
A canvas of life, that awakens the soul,
A world of wonder, that makes us whole.
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