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Economic Sea

Amidst the world of commerce and trade
Lies the foundation of our daily brigade
Economy, the heart of our monetary system
A complex structure that we can't help but listen

It's a web of transactions and values
Where supply and demand leads to venues
Where products are sold and services are bought
And every penny counts, or else it's for naught

The stock markets rise and fall like tides
And investors fear a recession that hides
Inflation and deflation are two sides of the coin
That can make or break a nation's join

The GDP is a measure of growth
But at times, it only reflects a mirage both
Unemployment rates can hit the roof
And bring the entire economy down with a woof

As we delve deeper into this world of money
We realize it's a system that's not funny
For it affects every aspect of our lives
From the way we eat to the roof over our heads and our drives

So let us learn to navigate this economic sea
And try to build a world that's free
From the shackles of poverty and strife
And where prosperity is a part of life.
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