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The taste of joy, so crystal clear,
It’s the feeling of a soaring soul,
An escape from chains that take their toll.

Freedom, the right to be yourself,
To speak your mind and not just shelf,
To choose your path and your own way,
And live your life, day by day.

Freedom, the power to create,
To explore new worlds and innovate,
To make your mark on history's page,
And leave a legacy for every age.

Freedom, the promise of a better life,
A world without hate, fear, or strife,
Where all are equal, and none oppressed,
And love and peace forever blessed.

Freedom, the light that guides our hearts,
The dream that drives us to do our part,
To stand up tall and never cower,
And fight for freedom, every hour.

Freedom, the air we breathe,
The wind that blows, the river that flows,
The sun that shines, the bird that sings,
The world that is, and everything.

Freedom, the fire within,
The spirit that soars, the heart that beats,
The dream that lives, the hope that springs,
The will that drives, and everything.

Freedom, the gift of life,
The right to be, the choice to make,
The path to walk, the road to take,
The journey that shapes, and everything.

Freedom, the bond of love,
The peace that reigns, the joy that fills,
The kindness that gives, the mercy that heals,
The grace that saves, and everything.

Freedom, the call of destiny,
The purpose that calls, the mission that drives,
The legacy that leaves, the memory that survives,
The greatness that inspires, and everything.

Freedom, the promise of tomorrow,
The future that waits, the dawn that breaks,
The sky that opens, the horizon that takes,
The world that awaits, and everything.

Freedom, the anthem of the soul,
The song that sings, the voice that speaks,
The prayer that seeks, the faith that believes,
The truth that guides, and everything.

Freedom, the light of the world,
The torch that shines, the beacon that leads,
The symbol that stands, the flag that waves,
The spirit that lives, and everything.

Freedom, the spirit of humanity,
The essence that unites, the power that transforms,
The vision that inspires, the dream that informs,
The legacy that shapes, and everything.

So let us cherish this precious gift,
And let our spirits soar and lift,
For freedom is the hope that we all seek,
The future bright, and never bleak.
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