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I Recall the Sound of Your Voice

I remember the day we met,
It was like the sun had finally set
On all the lonely days before,
And a new chapter had begun, once more.

Our eyes locked in a gentle gaze,
And suddenly, the world was ablaze
With colors I had never seen,
A love so bright, so pure, so keen.

I recall the sound of your voice,
Like a sweet melody, it was my choice
To listen to you speak, for hours on end,
Our connection was strong, it would never bend.

The way you smiled, it lit up the room,
I couldn't help but swoon and swoon
Over the way your lips curved into a grin,
It was then, I knew, that I had fallen in.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months,
Our love grew stronger, it was like stunts
Of passion, laughter, and joy,
Every moment spent with you, I couldn't be coy.

I remember the day you told me,
That you loved me, and it was so free
To say it back, because I did too,
Falling in love with you, was the best thing I knew.

Now, years have passed, and our love is still strong,
Like the chords of our hearts, it's our love song
That we sing, every day, every night,
Our love's a beacon, it shines so bright.

It's a beautiful memory, one to hold near
To our hearts, forevermore,
Our love, a story, a memory, we'll always adore.
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