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Investors Ride the Waves, on Them They Glide

The economy, a complex beast
With countless tendrils stretching east to west
It's fueled by commerce, trade, and demand
And shaped by policies put forth by the land.

At times it's stable, and growth abounds
Jobs are plentiful, and prosperity surrounds
But in downturns, the beast does falter
And pain is felt by every son and daughter.

The stock market rises and falls like a tide
Investors ride the waves, on them they glide
But those left behind, the ones without a stake
Are left to wonder if the economy is fake.

For some, the economy's a game they play
A chance to amass wealth and live it up every day
But for most, it's a struggle just to get by
To pay the bills, put food on the table, and try.

The economy's not just dollars and cents
It's people's lives, and their livelihoods hence
We must remember that behind the numbers we see
Are human beings, with families and dreams to be.

So let's strive to build an economy that's just
Where all have a chance to thrive and trust
Where growth is sustainable, and benefits are spread
And the beast is tamed, no longer filled with dread.
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