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The Beauty That’s Within Me and You

Elegance, a word so rare,
It conjures up an image fair,
Of beauty, grace, and charm so true,
A quality that's prized anew.

It's seen in how a dancer moves,
Her every step a graceful groove,
Or in the lines of a sculpted art,
That captures the eye and steals the heart.

In a fine piece of jewelry, so refined,
Or in the way a rose is entwined,
With a trellis, so delicate and grand,
Elegance is always close at hand.

It's in the way a woman wears a gown,
With poise and grace that astounds,
Or in the melody of a symphony,
That takes us to a world of harmony.

Elegance is not just about the looks,
It's in the way one reads, writes or cooks,
Or in the manner one behaves and speaks,
With manners so refined and meek.

It's a quality that's timeless and pure,
That stands the test of time for sure,
And in a world that's so fast-paced,
Elegance is what leaves a lasting trace.

So let us strive to be elegant too,
In all that we say, and all that we do,
For in elegance, we find our true,
The beauty that's within me and you.

Elegance, a thing of beauty rare,
A grace that one can't help but stare,
It's in the way one holds their head,
Or moves, or speaks, or what is said.

A gentle sway, a simple turn,
A smile that makes the heart yearn,
A quiet confidence, a subtle charm,
Elegance is what sets one apart from harm.

It's not about what clothes are worn,
But how they're worn, with style adorn,
And how one carries themselves with grace,
As if they're walking in a sacred space.

Elegance is in the eyes that gleam,
In every gesture, every beam,
It's in the way one speaks with care,
And listens with a heart that's rare.

Elegance is a state of mind,
A quality that's hard to find,
It's a trait that one should cherish,
A treasure that should never perish.

For elegance is a thing of beauty rare,
A grace that one can't help but stare,
And those who possess it, are blessed indeed,
For they inspire and lead, and their hearts do lead.
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