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The Economy Holds Immense Powers

The wheels of commerce turn and spin,
A complex system, a game to win,
Money flows in a ceaseless stream,
A juggernaut, a capitalist dream.

From market stalls to corporate towers,
The economy holds immense powers,
Supply and demand, the engine of trade,
A delicate balance, a fragile cascade.

But when the scales begin to tip,
The economy may falter, slip,
And people suffer, jobs are lost,
A heavy toll, a bitter cost.

The economy, a force to reckon,
A game of numbers, a careful beckon,
But let us not forget the human toll,
For it is the people who pay the ultimate goal.

So let us strive for prosperity,
Inclusive growth, shared prosperity,
Where all may thrive, not just a few,
An economy that serves me and you.
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