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The End of Our Earthly Toil and Strife

Death, oh Death, thou art the great unknown,
The one certainty that we all must face alone.
From the moment we draw our first breath,
We know that one day we will meet our death.

Some say that you are the end of all things,
The finality that darkness brings.
Others say that you are the gateway to life,
The end of our earthly toil and strife.

You come in many forms, with many names,
The Grim Reaper, the Angel of Death, and many other claims.
You are the end of pain and suffering,
But also the end of laughter and loving.

You take the old, the young, the rich and the poor,
The kind and the cruel, the weak and the strong.
You are the great equalizer,
The one thing that we all must endure.

We fear you, we hate you, we try to deny,
But you are an inevitable truth, we cannot defy.
You are the final journey that we all must make,
The last step we take before we fade.

Yet, there is a beauty in your mystery,
A certain grace in your inevitability.
You remind us to live each day to its fullest,
To cherish our loved ones, and never take life for granted.

So Death, oh Death, you are not our enemy,
But rather our teacher, our guide to eternity.
In your embrace, we find our rest,
And in your mystery, we find our quest.

For though you take us from this earthly plane,
You cannot take our memories or our love, and they remain.
You are the great unknown, the final frontier,
But in your darkness, there is a light, and we need not fear.
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