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The Invisible Hand Guides Our Fate

The wheels of commerce turn and spin,
A dance of supply and demand begin,
The pulse of the economy beats on,
A rhythm that can never be gone.

Money flows like a river wild,
Creating fortunes for the deft and skilled,
But for those who lack the means to thrive,
The system seems cruel and unjust in their eyes.

The invisible hand guides our fate,
Determining the prices of goods and rate,
Some prosper while others face defeat,
In this game of wealth that we call the economy.

It's a world of numbers, graphs, and charts,
Of stock markets and financial arts,
A place where fortunes rise and fall,
And the fate of nations can be seen in a single call.

The economy is a beast we cannot tame,
A force that can bring us fortune or shame,
A powerful engine that drives our lives,
And shapes the world in which we survive.
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