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We Can Rise Above the Strain

Pain is a cruel and vicious thing
That grips us tightly in its sting
It gnaws at us both day and night
And makes us tremble with its might

It starts with a twinge or a throb
And quickly turns into a sob
It grabs hold of our very soul
And never seems to let us go

It comes in waves that crash and break
And leaves us feeling oh so fake
It robs us of our joy and peace
And turns our happiness to grief

It can be physical or mental
And make us feel so incidental
It eats away at our resolve
And makes us feel so weak and small

But even in the midst of pain
We can rise above the strain
We can find the strength to carry on
And let our spirit be reborn

For pain may be a bitter foe
But it can also help us grow
It teaches us to persevere
And conquer every doubt and fear

So let us face our pain with grace
And learn to run a stronger race
For in the end we will prevail
And our pain will turn to a triumphant tale.

Pain, oh how it grips us tight
A constant, unwelcome visitor at night
A feeling that consumes, that drains
Leaving us with little strength to sustain

It comes in many forms, this pain
Physical, emotional, all the same
Aching, throbbing, stabbing, burning
Tearing us apart, leaving us yearning

For relief, for a respite from the ache
For a moment's peace, a chance to take
A breath, to gather strength anew
To face another day, to make it through

And though it hurts, we know it's real
That pain is something we can feel
A reminder of our humanity
A testament to our fragility

So we bear it as best we can
With gritted teeth, and steady hand
We soldier on, through every trial
Through pain and sorrow, all the while

Knowing that someday it will end
That we will find a way to mend
And in that moment, we will see
That pain was just a part of our journey.
We Can Rise Above the Strain
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