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A Time When You Made a Difference

In days of yore, a time long past,
I found myself in a moment that would last.
A moment of truth, a moment of grace,
A time when I made a difference in this place.

It started like any other day,
With the sun rising in a gentle way.
I went about my business, doing what I must,
And never thought that I'd make such a fuss.

But then I saw her, a woman in need,
Her face etched with pain, her heart in bleed.
She struggled with life, with all its weight,
And I knew I had to help, before it's too late.

I reached out my hand, and took hers in mine,
And together we walked, side by side.
I listened to her story, her trials and woes,
And offered her comfort, as we strolled.

We sat down by a tree, beneath the blue sky,
And I shared with her, a poem that came by.
The words flowed freely, like a river of hope,
And she felt the warmth, like a loving hand of a rope.

The sun began to set, casting a golden hue,
And we both knew, what we had to do.
We hugged each other, and said goodbye,
But deep inside, we knew our bond would never die.

That moment changed her life, and mine as well,
For we both found something, we couldn't foretell.
A connection so pure, so full of grace,
A time when I made a difference, in this place.
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