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My Hopes for the World

In this world of chaos and confusion,
Where wars and hatred seem to reign,
I still hold on to my hopes and dreams,
And pray for a brighter, better world to sustain.

I hope for a world where love is the language,
And kindness and compassion are the norm,
Where people see the good in each other,
And help each other weather any storm.

I hope for a world where the air is clean,
And nature thrives in all its splendor,
Where humans live in harmony with the earth,
And strive to be its true defender.

I hope for a world where all are equal,
And justice prevails in every land,
Where every person is treated with respect,
And bigotry and prejudice are banned.

I hope for a world where children can play,
Without fear of harm or danger,
Where their innocence is preserved and protected,
And their futures are always getting brighter.

I hope for a world where knowledge is power,
And education is a right for all,
Where people are encouraged to learn and grow,
And their potential is never held small.

I hope for a world where laughter abounds,
And joy is found in every heart,
Where people celebrate each other's differences,
And come together to create a new start.

I know these hopes may seem like a distant dream,
But I hold them close and never lose sight,
For the power of hope is a mighty thing,
And it can help us all to reach the light.

So let us work together to make these hopes a reality,
And strive to be the change we want to see,
For a better world is within our reach,
If we believe and work towards unity.
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