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Neither Insecure nor Arrogant

Neither insecure nor arrogant,
A balance that’s hard to maintain,
But with effort and reflection,
This path can be forged and sustained.

Insecurity can consume us,
A monster that eats away our core,
We doubt ourselves and our abilities,
And fear rejection at every door.

But arrogance is not the answer,
It’s a shield we put up to hide,
Our own doubts and insecurities,
And to keep others at bay outside.

So what is the middle ground,
Where we can stand tall and proud,
Without the fear of insecurity,
And arrogance’s judgmental shroud?

It starts with self-awareness,
Knowing who we are and what we need,
And not comparing ourselves to others,
For we each have our own unique creed.

We can acknowledge our strengths,
And embrace our weaknesses too,
For they are what make us human,
And show us what we can improve.

We can be confident in our abilities,
But humble in our approach,
And recognize that we are not perfect,
And there is always room to grow.

We can treat others with kindness,
And appreciate their worth,
Without feeling threatened by their success,
Or putting them down to prove our own worth.

Neither insecure nor arrogant,
A balance that’s hard to achieve,
But with self-reflection and compassion,
This balance we can receive.
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