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Bridges Between Us

In the spaces that divide us, where distance quietly lies,
Bridges of the heart are built, under the vast, embracing skies.
Spanning gaps with beams of understanding, sturdy and profound,
A conduit for love and warmth, in the spaces, they are found.

From one soul to another, across the valleys deep and wide,
Bridges form with threads of empathy, where kindred spirits reside.
In every plank, a shared joy, in every cable, a shared pain,
Uniting us across the chasms, in sunshine and through rain.

Upon these structures, words and sentiments freely flow,
Carrying tales of love and loss, in a gentle, steady tow.
Each bridge, a testament to connection, a pathway to explore,
A journey towards another, to discover, and to adore.

Through storms and calm, they stand, amidst the times that test,
Providing passage to the other side, where shared moments rest.
In the silhouette of a bridge against a setting sun’s glow,
Lie stories of encounters and farewells, in a timeless, gentle throw.

May we build these bridges with compassion, under the celestial dome,
Creating paths to one another, in the spaces we call home.
For in every thoughtful connection, in every shared, emotive gaze,
We construct the sturdy spans that join us, through life’s intricate maze.

Within these bridges, let’s find the fortitude to traverse,
Through moments, light and dark, in the universe, diverse.
With kindness as our guide, along these pathways, let’s tread,
Creating endless bridges between us, where love and hope are spread.
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