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Garden of Gentle Times

In the garden where time softly treads,
And where vibrant petals gently spread,
There lies a sanctuary, calm and divine,
A haven where sun and shade entwine.

The butterfly, a flitting, fleeting guest,
Kisses blooms, in a colorful zest.
Whispers of love, borne on the breeze,
Caress the leaves and sway the trees.

The rose, a symbol of elegiac love,
Whispers tales to the cooing dove.
Thorns and petals in a symbiotic blend,
Symbolizing love that knows no end.

Violets weave a carpet, a purple sea,
Where bees dance in a buzzing spree.
Each fluttering wing and gentle hum,
A melody of life’s vibrant strum.

The lily stands with an elegant grace,
Adorning the garden, a lovely face.
A reflection of purity, in still ponds seen,
An echo of what is, and what has been.

Walls adorned with ivy, crawling, and green,
Guarding the memories, in silent sheen.
A secret keeper of times long passed,
Where shadows of yesteryears are softly cast.

In the alcove, where the jasmine scents the air,
Lies a bench, where hearts secrets share.
Amidst the flora, with colors so rife,
Blooms a silent, serene, vibrant life.

May we stroll through this gentle domain,
Where peace and reflection quietly reign.
In every petal, scent, and hued line,
Discover a moment, eternally thine.

In the garden of gentle times and hues,
Let’s linger amidst the morning dews,
And weave our stories, both old and new,
In the tapestry, where love remains true.
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