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Harbor of Dreams

Beneath the velvety canvas, where countless stars gleam bright,
Lies a tranquil sea of dreams, bathed in soft, silvery light.
The gentle waves whisper tales, of distant lands and realms,
Carrying upon their tender curls, dreams like precious helms.

Ships set sail on this peaceful sea, with sails of hopes so dear,
Navigating through the still waters, where visions appear clear.
In the harbor of our dreams, where imagination freely flows,
Each ripple carries aspirations, where the heart genuinely glows.

Moonlight casts a gentle path, a guide through the serene night,
Leading to realms of wonder, where souls take gentle flight.
In every bobbing vessel, lie stories yet to be spun,
Adventures waiting to be unfurled, under the dreaming sun.

The lighthouse stands vigilant, a keeper of the night’s soft mirth,
Guiding dreamers safely, through their celestial rebirth.
In this sea where silence speaks, and where wishes quietly float,
We are free to explore, in our silently drifting boat.

As we traverse the gentle sea, amidst the starlit beams,
May we embrace the possibility, entwoven in our dreams.
In this sacred, quiet harbor, where our aspirations gleam,
May we always find a safe space, to dream our fondest dream.

And when the morning sunlight, caresses the tranquil sea,
Let the sails of our vessels, be filled with joyful glee.
For in the dreams and wishes, that in our hearts reside,
Lies the compass of our soul, where true hopes never hide.
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