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The Symphony of Seasons

In the gentle sway of springtime’s bloom,
Whispers emerge from winter’s gloom,
Dew-kissed petals and new-born leaves,
Nature’s promise, as she conceives.

Summer arrives with a golden gleam,
Dancing shadows and sunlit dream,
Rivers shimmer, fields are green,
Life’s full force, vibrant and unseen.

Autumn paints with a brush so wide,
A tapestry of colors, in pride,
Crimson leaves and amber hue,
A final bow, before they're through.

Then winter's touch, so cool and still,
Covers earth with a frosty chill,
Bare trees stand, in moonlit nights,
Guarding secrets, in the starry lights.

Nature’s song, in seasons four,
A melody, forevermore,
Each change, a stanza, old yet new,
A timeless tale, forever true.
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