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Whispers Through the Seasons

In the breath of spring, flowers whisper,
Tales of love, to the sun they shimmer.
Blossoms crowning the verdant plains,
Delicate petals, amidst soft rains.

Summer answers with a fervent embrace,
A symphony of greens in a fervid race.
Fields of wheat, sway in warm breezes,
Sweet fragrances drift where the bee seizes.

A tapestry, autumn weaves with gold and red,
Leaves tell stories of the sun they've fed.
Whirling down, a multicolored stream,
Resting on earth, in a peaceful dream.

Winter whispers, with a crystal kiss,
Shrouding the world in a tranquil bliss.
Snowflakes dance, to the ground they cling,
Encasing the world as a frozen spring.

Through each chapter, nature silently speaks,
Of time's passage, and the beauty it seeks.
Seasons entwine in an endless reel,
Crafting moments, in which we all feel.

In their whispers, hear the transient tales,
Of blooming meadows and snow-laden trails.
Each season, a unique and fleeting treasure,
Bringing distinct moments of varying pleasure.

Beneath the sky, this spectacle unfolds,
With whispers of stories, forever retold.
Nature’s melodies, in each leaf and stone,
Echoing the beauty that's ours to own.

Let’s listen keenly to these shifting scenes,
To understand truly what each whisper means.
For in every transition, every gentle sway,
Nature shares wisdom in a beautiful array.
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