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Journey to Fulfillment

Some people chase after gold
Some just seek stories to be told
Some are enthralled by the stars so high
Some find solace watching the world go by

Some believe in treasures held in hand
Thinking it's the measure of a person's stand
I've chased those dreams, but found empty space
Realizing life's more than a frantic race

Some want to conquer every peak
Yet I seek the moments that make us weak
Not a faceless crowd, but a soul that's true
One genuine heart, not the entire crew
Some dream of jewels, bright and shiny
But I find meaning in moments, tiny
For all the world's gifts, vast and wide
Mean so little without you by my side

Some seek the secrets of eternal life
Or believe in gestures, grand and rife
Offer me the galaxies, spanning so wide
Yet, without companionship, where would I reside?

To climb every mountain, to see every sea
Yet, without love, what would life be?
Some want crowns, thrones so high
I just want a connection that won't ever die
Some chase dreams, as vast as the sky
Yet, without you, even dreams seem dry

In this vast universe, so immense and wide
What matters is having you by my side
For in every challenge, every ebb and sway
It's your presence that lights up my way.
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