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Every Dawn

Every sunrise we've seen together,
Now the horizon gleams brighter, yet far,
Pulls me into a dance,
With every chance,
I step into the new day's star.

With every dawn, I've come to see,
Changes are but nature's spree,
It should bring joy anew,
So why does it feel so blue?

Every breeze I try to catch,
Takes me to moments unmatched,
It’s a journey to a new spree,
Wish it's like the tales we used to weave.

I thought I'd soar in the morning glow,
Yet change has its own flow,
Shouldn't this be a new start?
Then why the heaviness in my heart?

Every note in the morning song,
Tells me where I belong,
The melody’s high and strong,
But why does my heart long?

In the dawn, I've always known,
Life’s rhythm has its own tone,
Yet with the rising sun's beam,
Why does my heart still seem?

With every sunrise, with every hue,
Life offers a view so new,
Yet, leaving the night behind,
Why does nostalgia bind?

Every dawn, every new sight,
Should bring pure delight,
Yet, in this radiant morning clad,
Why does my heart feel so glad?

It’s a mystery, this morning song,
With every right, there's a wrong,
Yet as the world turns around,
I find joy in the newfound.
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