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The Journey's Reward

You can show me mountains, you can show me seas,
Guide me through a forest, let the wind blow free (Traveler, I know the path)
Campfires in the evening, map stars in the night,
Hiking until morning, catching the first light (Traveler, the world's so vast)

Wanna explore, wanna see, every shore, every tree side by side,
Not just paths, but the laughs, the photographs, memories to confide.
You might trip, maybe slip, or the map might tear and burst,
Yet we'll stand, hand in hand, knowing every journey's worth.

For a true traveler feels the world in every stride (In every stride),
And the world in return, opens up, arms spread wide (Arms spread wide),
Every trail, every sail, is a story yet to be rehearsed,
And no map, no gap, can define a journey's worth (A journey's worth).

Set forth

If you join the venture, we'll share every view,
From valleys to the peaks, every hue so true (Traveler, our journey's just),
If we brave the storms, and the routes that twist,
We'll discover tales, in every wanderlust (And traveler, it's all about trust).

See the sunrise, the fireflies, the world's beauty so rare and true,
Don't rush, don't hush, savor moments, let them renew.
For in peace, or in lease, be it north or due north,
The journey we take defines its own worth.

Oh, for every path you take, is an echo of your soul (Echo of your soul),
And every step, every break, leads you closer to the goal (To the goal),
Every climb, every time, be it steep or be it reversed,
Know the route, without doubt, is the measure of your worth.

You don't need a compass, nor the northern star's clue (Stars above will guide),
Just trust your heart's instinct, and the world will come to you (World in stride),
Every road, every load, every silent night's mirth,
Is a tale, without fail, of a traveler's worth.

For every traveler knows the world's secrets unfold (Secrets yet untold),
And the world in its turn, shares tales, old and bold (Tales of gold),
Every quest, east or west, is a dance, a joyous outburst,
And no land, no strand, can deny a traveler's worth (A traveler's worth).
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