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Dance Through Time

In every step, through every phase,
Life's rhythm, in mysterious ways,
Mistakes I make, paths I might take,
But with you, it's a fresh new day.

Let's dance through time, holding hands so tight,
Twirling around, under the moonlight,
With every beat, with every groove,
I find my pace, when I'm with you.

Stay close to me, through thick and thin,
Weather any storm, it's a dance, let's begin,
No glitz, no fame, no silver, no gold,
Your presence alone makes my spirit bold.

Let's dance through time, feel the world spin,
Chasing horizons, where the sky meets the ocean,
With every step, every move we embrace,
This waltz of life, with grace and grace.

Trust the journey, wherever we glide,
With hope as our compass, and love as our guide.

Let's dance through time,
Feel the beats align,
Every moment divine,
Dance through time with me.
Let's dance through time,
In rhythm and rhyme,
Our souls intertwined,
Dance through time with me.

Move to the beat, let the music flow,
Lose all your fears, let the worries go,
Find your rhythm, find your song,
With every dance move, life goes on.
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