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Dance of Our Dreams

In a world so loud and bright,
With chaos reigning left and right,
There's a secret space just for you and me,
Step into the dance of our dreams, you'll see.

If solitude's grip takes a hold,
When nights are long and tales are old,
Step into our realm, don't be shy,
Dance with me, and together we'll touch the sky.

In a forest where the silence grows,
Where the peaceful river gently flows,
We'll be as wild, as carefree as the breeze,
Dancing amidst the tall whispering trees.

With every beat and rhythm true,
Our world will seem so fresh and new.
Beyond the clouds, where dreams intertwine,
In our dance, where suns perpetually shine.

Whenever the world dims your gleam,
Remember our dance, our shared dream.
Step into our world, time will freeze,
Dance with me, amidst memories and trees.

Hand in hand, through stars we'll weave,
In the dance of dreams, just believe.
Beyond horizons, where fantasies play,
Join me, and we'll dance the night away.

With every step, we'll redefine,
Boundless love, in every line.
In our world, where wishes fly,
Dance with me, together we touch the sky.

(Whenever) Whenever you seek a retreat so divine,
Step into the dance of our dreams, intertwine.
(Take my hand) Take my hand, feel the world sway and gleam,
As we dance, forever lost in our dream.
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