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Dancing on Cloud Nine

In moments of joy, when laughter is near,
Surrounded by moments, so crystal clear.
When all that you touch turns golden and light,
Lift your eyes upward, embrace the delight.

Let the rhythm take over, dance away,
Celebrate every moment, let music sway.
Twirling, spinning, lost in a dance,
A world of wonder, give joy a chance.

Seasons may change, but this rhythm won't fade,
The song in your heart, a serenade made.
From winter's first chill, to summer's last glow,
Dance on, let life's rhythm continue to flow.

Know this for sure, as you dance so free,
The world dances with you, as vibrant as can be.
Heartbeats in sync, steps perfectly aligned,
Lost in the moment, with joy intertwined.

Sometimes shadows might threaten the dance,
Moments of silence, or a missed chance.
Yet with each step, confidence grows,
The dance never stops, that's how life goes.

Spin with the world, let laughter ensue,
Dance on Cloud Nine, let joy break through.
Remember always, as you twirl and bend,
In every beat, the world's your friend.
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