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The Reasons You Are Beautiful

To the girl whose beauty is present in all seasons,
I want to tell you why you are beautiful, here are the reasons:
Your beauty extends as high as the tallest mountains,
it goes on forever and never flattens.
Even when the clouds heighten,
you are here and the world brightens.
You are like a fruit that constantly ripens,
your beauty continues to grow no matter what happens.
You are unique in the way that you glisten,
it never erodes, it only thickens.
My fondness for you constantly deepens,
because every time I see you my knees begin to weaken.
The rules of nature you do not follow,
you shine so bright you create your own shadow.
When you are out of sight the world feels shallow,
but your face never leaves my mind, it repeats like an echo.
Your beauty is like a boulder that can't be moved,
it never shakes and it can't be improved.
The one sound I like to hear, it's an easy choice, !
it's the soothing sound of your voice.
It complements your looks with the perfect melody,
putting all around you in complete harmony.
You are better than a man's best fantasy,
God showed us mercy when he gave us you and eyes to see.
Your beauty increases with every breath,
it exceeds the limits that my imagination can stretch.
You have what others could only wish to match,
but your beauty they will never catch.
I swear, you would be the answer to a prayer,
if someone wished for something rare with beauty to spare.
Given the choice I would choose this girl over air,
for air cannot compare to a girl that can't be found elsewhere.

by Daniel Erdle
Unknown Author

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