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Africa My Beloved

Africa my beloved continent
The home of the black souls
Where nature is predominantly diverse

Africa my fortress
Africa my paradise
The land of my ancestors
Khoisan and Bantu speakers

The land from which my roots emanate
Where light color culture still dominates
Though they have halted to discriminate
For this used to make our hearts palpitate

But your atmospheric conditions are appalling,Africa
A cloud of corruption is still lingering over you
Like a hyena lurking for its preys
The heavy of black people blood is falling upon you
People are afflicted for their socio-political identities
Through xenophobic and genocidal complexities

Around you pandemic disease cyclone is swirling turbulently
Killing every soul it comes across viciously
Thus living behind orphans and miseries

Alas!What's the matter my home-soil continent
When I put you under a powerful lens of scrutiny I discover
Your people- Black Africans
Human beings with their feed chained by cultural ideologies
Their hands handcuffed with ignorance
And incarcerated in a prison called poverty

When all these reverberate
In the recess of my mind
My tears cascade like beads of perspiration for I can feel the persecution
Because I am an African

But still I am optimistic
For the resurrection
Just like the eminent political genius Who once said "Today I wake up in place which says to me 'Be free !':

by Kabelo Phakoa (Machabeng International school of Lesotho)
This poem I dedicate to all who have a clear understanding of humanity. I mean those people who don't just look at things happening but ask questions why they happen.
Unknown Author

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