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Many times we've won the war
But we are still in battle
Not just physically in demeanor
But in homes, where we are more likely to get disgruntled

Your emotions are in a battlefield
Trying to take over your mind and body
But let God be your shield
For he protects any and everybody

A battlefield of sorrow
Can be turned into joy when won
The battle of tomorrow
Which has just begun

God is my protector
The ultimate at that
He is my director
That is a just fact

this battle has been won with Him
and now we joyfully rejoice
No more sadness and looking grim
Praising God using our voice

Battlefield of emotions and smarts
I think it has been won
Tomorrows a new day, with new starts
A new battle has begun.

(Where will you stand?)

by Erin Mustelier
Unknown Author

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