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My Mother My Pride

My mother is my reason for pride
Other just keep talking but she is so quite
They just don?t like her because she is so true
Enemies just come to her feet and she makes them true
River?s water is my mother love
My mother is the best scientist for me in this world
She makes me understand the scientific laws with her homemade tricks
Ever morning she wakes me up , I pretend to sleep
But she catches me up
Whenever I she her beautiful face
it reminds me of Picasso?s paint
her loving eyes that blink on me
looks like twinkling stars in the morning haze
I love my mother for every reason on this earth
I love my mother because she is the best
She works very hard for all my needs
without caring all of her needs
she don?t show any pain on her face
and makes me happy whenever I am in pain
I pray to god to give me the chance
to make her happy and make her dance
No matter the way covered with the thorns
I will make the way for her all along

by parth
Unknown Author

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