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"Our Golden Years"

As we grow throughout the various times of our fruitful life, Be they education, family, or work. There is one thing we'll all come to face during our older age;

They're known as The Golden Years of life and they're supposed to be filled with love and joy, or so we hope;

Yet, as we grow older we come to recognize that such isn't so;

We lose a spouse, retire from work, and our bodies lose the energy they once had, our entire system seems like it's beginning to fall apart and we don't always know why or how;

What happened to Our Golden Years many people will often come to say, sometimes it's just plain hard to make it through the entire day, without coming to face some form of pain, I do say;

Socialization and friendship with others has become important to all, for with its use, games we play, and other types of participation, they can often come to ease the items of depression and stress;

And at the conclusion of each day "we should thank The Lord for another day of life in Our Golden Years, be they filled with joy or even cheers."

by Kay I. Kramer

Composed, written, and entered into The
Rhyme & Reason Works of Kay I. Kramer,
September 12, 2008.

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