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Te Amo (I Love You)

This so long has been my fear,
I can't believe it's actually here.

It's a nightmare from which I can't wake.
I don't know how long this I can take.

I can't lose the ones I love again;
We've always said we are together till the end.

I'm not given up I'm fighting to stay,
Because I need you beside me everyday.

I'm a dead broken heart still beating,
My eyes and heart are slowly bleeding.

I have nothing without you.
Where can I go, what can I do?

I can't give up I never will.
Though it'll be rough I'm holding on still.

Everything I have is in this place,
Things that I could never replace.

My life, love, and hope is here.
Stick with me and support me my dear.

Because there is no way I could go;
I love you and need you, I hope that shows.

I can't be left with only memories;
Oh how sad that would be.

I'm holding on as hard as I can to you and all that I've got.
And if I die at least I know that 'till the end I fought.

So take my hand and never let go.
Let our true strength and love show!

by Salem Hockett
Unknown Author

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