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My love untold

How will I tell you,about what I feel,
about a wound that over months wont heal,
the pain of which makes my heart to reel,
everyday, every night, I fight a losing battle,

against wishes that my heart likes to cradle,
no matter how well I use my brains insight,
cant subdue thoughts that my heart feels right,
I can very well kill in my memory,

the thoughts about infatuations with many,
but never in my mind can I ever erase,
the divinity that reflects from your face,
how much I love you, you will never know,

this feeling for you, I will dare not show,
I so loathe the way my fate has to be,
because you love someone and its not me,
my mind forbids but I accept it wholeheartedly,

there is nothing I wish for than to see you happy,
from my voice you will never hear,
the calls of my soul to have you near,
in my eyes you will never see,

the pain of my heart that fails to cease,
from my actions you will never learn,
deep within, the love for you that endlessly burns.

by Christo Michael
Unknown Author

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