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Avenge My Love

Though I was completely broken
   And unwilling to restart
Eventually I came to grips
   With the condition of my heart

I had heard that time heals
   Even a broken heart
And thought if this is true
   Then let the ticking start

For the tears of suffering
   From years of physical disease
Could not compare to the tears
   From pains such as these

Life is to be shared
  In love and not alone
And when love's bonds are broken
  The heart must then groan

Unsure of the words I could say
  To cause my heart to heal
I bowed my heart to pray
  Before the Lord to kneel

Show this heart of mine
   How not to be the judge
But to love without fear
   Of any future be-grudge

Tear down these walls
   That are so very high
That I built by myself
   By my own belief of a lie

Avenge my heart
   And restore Your love
Let Your peace descend
   Upon me like a dove

Restore my soul
   Avenge my love
Rain down rain down
   Oh Lord from above

Edited 11/7/2017
Original date 11/9/2013
Sandra written by

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