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Sandra Poems by Sandra Futter

  • Be Loved
    We have been forgiven Because we are truly adored So much so The Son was given As The Sacrifice by... [read more]
  • Believe
    I don't know if you believe The Bible to be true, But I emplore you to take heed, The message is... [read more]
  • Self Inflicted
    So often we are wounded   By our own transgressions But do not even know   We are the one to... [read more]
  • Live Well
    Life is precious, But then comes death... So let me live well, Till my very last breath. For it's... [read more]
  • Faith is Sight
    Because I love you You can see This is a miracle Through your faith in Me Though I stay hidden... [read more]
  • Memories
    Here you come again It seems just like the wind You blow into my mind At most inopportune times... [read more]
  • Saying Good-bye
    It has been nearly a year and I still shed the tears, For this valley has been a struggle of mine,... [read more]
  • Hold on
    Something bad is coming down the pike And you're going to have to stand up and fight So hold on to... [read more]
  • Blessings May Be Disguised
    We make our plans, we set our course, Not knowing what lies ahead. But if we are nimble, within... [read more]
  • A psalm to my King
    In a moment I move From up to down I'm smiling I laugh But then I frown Life seems at times Like a... [read more]
  • The Race
    I can't let these pains slow me down, For I'm running a race for a crown, And as for the end of... [read more]
  • Pain's Purpose
    There is a Divine purpose for pain For without it we might become lame But the pain is what causes... [read more]
  • Trust and Follow
    The road of life can get rocky and sharp, But child of God, please do not lose heart. The Lord has... [read more]
  • Reflections
    My heart is overwhelmed with joy As I reflect on my tree of life It's hard to believe that my... [read more]
  • the future is bright
    My enemy stole, but my God has replaced, And oh, how abundantly so. I'll try not to mourn, by the... [read more]
  • HAPPY New Year
    It's the last day of 2013, And oh, it was a crazy train. Our losses were great, But much more was... [read more]
  • Forgiveness
    We simply ask And we are forgiven It's a freewill gift That our Lord has given And we need not... [read more]
  • The Best is Yet to Come
    Thank you Father for another day, And for all the blessings You keep sending my way. Your ways are... [read more]
  • Live, Love and Forgive, For Tomorrow We Die
    Painful thoughts of a mother Who restrained her son by court order Without a plan to recover Just... [read more]
  • It's a Beautiful Life
    Oh, it's a beautiful morning, And today will be a great day, For I've got a wonderful feeling,... [read more]
  • Broken
    Here you are again, my friend, Seems you're always on my mind, And it's been so very long, Since... [read more]
  • What makes ME Happy
    My happiness comes From high above. It's laughter, it's kindness, But mostly it's love, To give... [read more]
  • Beautiful Life
    It's time to get up And face the morning. It's time to go live This beautiful day. God's... [read more]
  • Avenge My Love
    Though I was completely broken    And unwilling to restart Eventually I came to grips    With... [read more]
  • Footprints of Memories
    Here you are again, Strolling through my mind. Leaving all those footprints That never fade with... [read more]
  • Write Your Life
    The world is a book So the saying goes The pages we will read No one really knows The pages we... [read more]
  • We ask Why?
    I laugh I cry And I even wonder Why Yet through it all I can stand tall For I'm fully aware That... [read more]
  • This is who I am
    I am who I am By the Blood of Christ He paid my debt It was a very high price So if you don't... [read more]
  • Life's Garden
    Surround yourself With the goodness of God, And when you see things that are good, Won't you... [read more]
  • Live without Limits
    Life is a great adventure! Live without... [read more]
  • Restless Night
    It's 2am and I'm wide awake, And it seems that I'm not alone. The dogs are barking fierce... [read more]
  • Not of this World
    I am a pilgrim in this strange land, today. Lord, keep me in the light of Your way, And let not... [read more]

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