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Save earth before Un-earth

Environment is natural beauty.
Nature is body and environment is its soul.
Hurting soul & expecting fit body is
existence of matter without mole.
Today, we are spoiling our environment
in the blind race of evolution.
And which seems us to be development
is actually devil of pollution.

Where there was spread beautiful and
awesome smile of nature’s grace.
Today, there’re found smoke ejecting
factories and industries at every pace.
Main reason of pollution is burning of fuels
that eject harmful CO & particles of lead.
Besides this, increasing demands of ever increasing
population is responsible for ecological red.

Plants & trees act as ‘sinks’ & absorb large
amount of carbon-di-oxide.
So we should stop destroying tropical
& dense forests from our side.
In order to breathe in fresh air &
to remain hearty-n-hale.
Afforestation programmes are needed to
be undertaken on a large scale.

Sound from 10-45 decibles is easily bearable
but above it is out of bearing.
And this noise pollution lead to nervous
disorders and loss of hearing.
Be ecofriendly & don’t use fireworks on Diwali
or on any other festive event.
As this is also a nice way by which
air and noise pollution prevent.

To supplement the limited water,
rain-water harvesting should be done.
In place of conventional energy resources,
use non-conventional like energy of wind and Sun.

Efficiently operated gobar-gas plants
can easily meet our all domestic needs.
The way through which pollution can be controlled
& fuel be saved, it surely leads.

Diseases gounded by drinking polluted water
are also causing concern to man.
So on flowing domestic & industrial wastes in
rivers or lakes, there must be ban.
For shopping and keeping things, use bags
made of jute and paper instead of plastic.
As chemicals used with recycled plastic to
give them cosmetic effect are caustic.

The harmful UV radiation from sun to enter
our atmosphere is filtered out by ozone.
But depletion of this layer will be disastrous
if all this go on the same tone.
To save petrol, diesel & environment, convert
your vehicles to CNG mode.
And off the engines of transport & reduce
the use of vehicles that run on oil.
Stop incessant cutting of trees and control use
of fertilizers to protect fertility of soil.
Instead of using incandescent bulbs that
consume much energy, use CFL lights.
Turn off electronic devices just after use
& don’t waste electricity on occasion nights.

Environmental conditions would not perhaps
have been chaotic as they are today.
If man had kept his requirements in limits,
This would not happen.
Since it is not done, so we have to pay.
The handiness and advantages that
nature provide us has no worth.
And if this spoiling is unchecked, its sure
to endanger life on Earth.

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